Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Staff

Brandy Evans, RPT
Kari Robison, LPTA
Peggy Lindsey, Physical Therapy Tech
Hannah Long, Physical Therapy Aquatic Tech

About Physical Therapy:

The Physical Therapy Department at RRC serves the rehabilitation needs of residents in Northeast Mississippi.  Every client that receives physical therapy services is evaluated before treatment, as prescribed by their physician.  We treat a variety of diagnoses including, but not limited to, neurological disorders, developmental delays, degenerative diseases, orthopedic problems, and pain.  We also offer aquatic therapy in a new stainless steel pool with an under-water treadmill.  Our facility treats a wide range of clients from pediatric to geriatric with each client receiving personal attention. Modalities used at RRC include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and hot/cold packs. These are used in ways to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, improve muscle stimulation and movement.

The Physical Therapy Department at the Rehab Center provides intervention for the following:


ROM, Muscle Tone, Strength, Endurance, Postural Control, Motor Coordination, Reflex, Postural Alignment, Soft Tissue Integrity


Gross Coordination, Bilateral Integration, Motor Control, Ambulation, Balance

Pain Managment

MFR, E-Stim, US, Hot/Cold packs

Aquatic Therapy